Friday, June 4, 2010

Jascal, Javier, and Gabriel

I received an email this week that Casa de Luz has 3 new siblings. Their dad is in jail and up until last Monday, they had been left at a shopping center during the days to beg for food and money while their mother went to work. (It's hard to describe a 'shopping center' to someone who has not left America, but its not our normal slow in and out kind of shopping center.) The kids are 2, 3, and 4 years old. Now they are off the streets during the day and will be at Casa de Luz while their mother works to provide for the family.

Also, due to the large amount of kids in such a small space, a new young lady will be helping out for 8 weeks. She begins June 14.

Currently, I am in Florida working at a restaurant. I have finished training and get my first 'on my own' shift this weekend. I'm making arrangements to talk to churches and more people down here.

Casa de Luz broke ground this month for building the new facility to reach more children and more families in the years to come. Its a big step for this community, and a blessing for the families there.

I'm looking forward to being back there soon!