Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Casa de Luz Christmas

Santa and Diego
Ester, Santa, Genesis

Genesis (aka Maria for the drama)
(tired little kitty... 5 minutes after he arrived)

Sunday we had our Christmas program and party for the kids and parents. It was fun and the kids were very cute. We did the story of Jesus, so the kids dressed up as shepherds, sheep, angels, barn animals, Mary, and Joseph. We sang some songs. And Santa came!! It was so much fun, really hot and crowded, but I don't think anyone minded. Then we ate tamales and rosquillas en miel (Honduran dishes). Now the day care is closed for a month. Many families leave the city for the month to visit family in the small villages.

Its close to 80 degrees outside, but I lit my Christmas candle and put on Christmas music to make it feel more like Christmas. It will be my first Christmas in Honduras. I'm excited! The tradition is to celebrate on the 24th, go to church, then at midnight the party begins. I'm looking forward to the typical Christmas food :)

I go back to the States on the 26th.
Here are some pictures from our party!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Where has December gone?

Javier with the bug ears.
Javier, Zulema and David Edgardo
Racsel, me, and Diego
Lizandro in his shorts that are obvioulsy not his... very big!
Ariel with his pepe (bottle) in the morning when he comes.

I guess every year we say, "where has December gone?" This year, again, I feel this way. I am planning to write a newsletter to post next week, after the Christmas party/ program :) More pictures and more stories. A lot has been going on, with washing the walls of CDL, all the toys, and sheets. Its a big task, but I enjoyed it. Then we started decorating and getting constumes ready for tomorrow! Its going to look cool and be very fun! This is a short post, so I can just put up some more pictures until I write more next week. Things are going great!

Oh in other news, I had my first robbery, the best way possible. I did not even notice when it happened. My spare tire that was under the truck was stolen. It was a nice tire, but it did not affect me personally and for that I am truly grateful!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


November felt, in a way, like a normal month. I feel like I'm in the groove of things are Casa de Luz and we have a routine! In the mornings the kids come between 7am-9am. During that time they eat breakfast. Then we begin the day with prayer, a Bible story, and little songs (silly and Bible stories). The kids love singing! After this, we usually have story time, then I teach the numbers, colors, shapes, letters, and days of the week in Spanish and English. I think they know the numbers in English better than in Spanish. Then we sing 'Head, shoulders, knees, and toes' in Spanish and English, then 'Yes Jesus Loves Me'. Check out my Facebook for videos of this! After this, we usually divide the bigger kids (4-6 years) and little kids (2-3 years) and do a craft and writing. After this we have snack, then we usually have free time to play with toys. Then we have lunch, wash up/ change clothes (if they bring extra), naptime, freetime, and go home.

We are getting ready for the Christmas program, so we are practicing songs and doing Christmas crafts. There is never a dull moment! I can see improvement in the kids. With the structure, they are getting used to it, which makes it more orderly and easier to control. There are, of course, the few that act up, but even they are having more good days!

I am encouraged! Public school is out for the kids in the neighborhood, so there is always more activity and noise. Here the public school year is from February to November.

Outside of Casa de Luz, November has been an interesting month. Aben, my boyfriend, is in the States and I am here in Honduras. Its the first time we have had the roles reversed, usually when I'm in the States, he is here. I never realized how much he helps me out and goes places with me here.

Other November news is that my refrigerator broke, 4 weeks before the Christmas deals come, so I'm holding out and its been interesting. Fortunately it still keeps things cool, just not cold enough to keep the milk from spoiling. So I use it to guard my fruits and vegetables from the ants.

With all the extra free time, I have had time to read and think. Today I put up Christmas lights that someone gave me and cut out pieces for a felt angel the kids are going to make. I have been thinking a lot about what I have and how I can use it to help others. My friends have told me, you are already doing so much with your kids, you don't need to feel like that. But the reality is, I have been blessed with so much, and the kids on my corner that wear trash bags and ask for money do not have the same opportunity as I do. I don't know what that will entail, but I've been wrestling with the issue for at least a month now. How do I view poverty? How can I cut back or live on less, so that I can do more for the poor. How do I view my needs and wants? Can you imagine life living only for needs, and never having the privilege to consider your wants?

Please continue to pray for safety and protection. I am constantly hearing stories, seeing things, and trying not to think about these realities, but its hard to do.

My plans are to be in the States December 26- January 31. If you would like me to share in your church, Bible study, Sunday school or with friends to share the ministry, please contact me. My plan is to visit people during this month.

Sorry, no pictures this time!