Sunday, March 21, 2010

With Faith Like a Child

My happy story of the day: I'm babysitting (boysitting) a 12 year old while my friends are in the states for a wedding. I'm in Honduras for language school, staying at their house. Every time I come in at night, I turn on all the lights and walk away, because there are cockroaches! I explain to Sigel(the boy I'm watching) why I hate cockroaches in particular in a Spanglish kind of way. Explaining the fact that they fly, and the movie I saw where a girl gets one in her ear when she is sleeping. So then I told him I am especially afraid of them when I sleep. And his response is, "well, sleep with God, he is with you." Then as I'm tucking him in for bed, he tells me, don't worry, God will protect you and keep you safe.

Its true, but coming from a kid pounds it home, how much we take God for granted sometimes, even when we sleep. He said it so 'matter-of-factly', like well of course God is going to be with you. It was a cool way to end the day.

Tomorrow I go to the city dump, with Aben, and a group. We are going to hand out food, water, and share the gospel. To the fortune of this land its raining (my friends in the city are down to shower/toilet/kitchen water once a week), to the misfortune of us, that means tomorrow will be a very ripe smell from the garbage dump.

Spanish classes start Tuesday!

(This is an old picture of Sigel and Aben, its a little blurry- just so you know who Sigel is)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


After a day of traveling, and only 4 hours in the air, we arrived in Tegucigalpa! We flew from Orlando over night, and arrived at an airport 4 hours away, San Pedro Sula, so it was a night of flying and driving on both ends to and from the airports. But I'm here safe and sound, staying in a friends house who is in the states. Its up out of the city, so its cooler and quieter. Its a nice way to relax before beginning the work of setting up a tutor or school! That's what the afternoon holds.

I was welcomed to 77 degrees after midnight! It rained a little, so its nice an humid. Down in Teguc its nice and warm with the sun, up here in Valle de Angeles its still sunny, but I'm under a cover of trees, so its cool and very pleasant! We had no glitches in travel, and were picked up and dropped off when we needed to be, that's always a bonus!

Now time to settle in.....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Great Day In Kentucky!

Sunglasses and summer! This looks like a good picture for today. Today was my last day in Kentucky, I leave in the morning for Florida. Though it was my last day for a while, it was a great one. The morning began bright and early about 7am with "Mommy, come cuddle with me" yelled on the floor above me. Followed by the thud, thud, thud of little feet 'gracefully' running through the kitchen above! Always nice when you don't need an alarm, right?

The following 5 hours or so were spent doing what I love, cleaning! I cleaned the house from top to bottom, over and under! Talk about a great day! Sweeping, dusting, mopping, dishes, cleaning the stove, the microwave, the girls rooms, all of it... enjoyable.

Then I picked up Zoe from daycare. We walked around the church while I bid my goodbyes. Got a little treat in daddy's office, and dropped Zoe off at home.

Following a delightful morning and tranquil Zoe in the car, I got to present the ministry to a group at a coffee shop! Although talking isn't my strength, I did it and enjoyed it. It's cool what God makes you do when you are uncomfortable doing it. Some of the faces were familiar, and some new, but I think they all were touched by the realization of life for the kids at Casa de Luz. I was encouraged by the group in many ways. It was a blessing to share with them, and an encouragement for future involvement and relationships!

After that, we went to Zoe's 3-5 year old dance and tumble class...cute! Followed by dinner at Cheddars, a really yummy restaurant that I was told I "had to go to." It was good food.

And the day continues to be great. Kendra and I semi-finished our craft! We tore out old fabric from a very old suitcase, then put new, fun fabric inside! Two night project, ready to pack in it tomorrow!

The pictures of sunglasses just make me think of a fun, happy day, so that's why they are posted today!

Goodbye Kentucky........

Friday, March 5, 2010

Dear Visitors

If you are checking up on this thing, and if I don't have you address and/ or your email address, please email it to me....


My first presentation with the kids at Pleasant Grove Baptist went great. I had fun, I think they had fun! Not at all too stressful. I told them about Honduras and Casa de Luz and tried to teach them a song and Bible verse in Spanish. It was a very good experience, I hope it impacted their lives and view of life outside the US, and a little information about missionaries. I hope to stay in contact with them, and build a relationship so they can be excited about missions!

This Tuesday I will be talking to a church group at a coffee shop. A little different presentation, more adult oriented and less interactive. I will used the same song, and most of the same power point, with a little more information in the slides.

Tonight was a fun night with the family. After work we went on a drive to another city and had Chinese food. The drive was fun, the food was great, the company great, it was a great evening!
Buenas Noches!