Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sharing My Childhood Memories

One of my favorite memories growing up was when we would get a new appliance, because it always came in a huge box. We would then create a house, or a fort, and play with it for days. Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with a great friend running errands. One of our errands took us to a warehouse where we got to take homea huge box. I was so excited about sharing this experience with my kids. So I cut out some windows and a door, they decorated it using crayons and stickers, and we had a house. They enjoyed every minute of it, obviously something they had never done before.Their faces in these pictures tell it all. I’m kind of surprised day 1 did not destroy it!

For added safety, this week we have started construction of a new wall in front of the daycare. The previous fence was easy for the kids to climb, with barbed wire on the top. It was easy for the kids to throw things over, and for anyone to hand stuff through the fence to the kids. This week they put up concrete blocks, next week they will attach a metal door, and the week after a team from the States will work on sealing it and painting it. It will be nice, not having to chase Frisbees or ballsdown the hill outside the fence, and it provides extra security for the ministry! (the fence before: in this picture they were in big trouble! and yes, I took a picture first)

I’m never quitesure how to consolidate a weeks or months worth of stories into one blog. Do I tell the real (heartbreaking stories of abuse and neglect) to explain the reality of these kids’ lives, or I share the funny and encouraging moments? Every time I sit down to blog I try to sift through the events to communicate the reality of their lives and the need for this ministry, at the same time, highlighting the moments that are impacting their lives!

(We were singingabout the foolishman built his house upon the sand..... y la casa se cayo)

I know I have mentioned Edwin before, he is the older brother of 2 of our kids. Every morning he drops off his siblings and the neighbor boy, then he sits around and talks with us for a while. He helps us take the trash through the neighborhood, up a huge hill, to where the trash truck passes, he has helped us clean up the weeds around the ministry, and he sometimes brings us pieces of fruit. He is full of questions and a sponge to information. He wakes up around 4 every morning to help his dad get the fruit to sell on the street, then he comesand takes care of his siblings, while his parents work and his7 year old sister, Linda, goes to school. In the afternoon, the 7 year old picks up the younger kids, while Edwin goes to school. One funny comment he made this week was about our capital Washington, DC. He said, “You know, Washington is such a strange name, I bet you think Tegucigalpa sounds strange, huh?” It made me laugh, because, yes, I do think Washington is very normal and the name Tegucigalpa is a very strange name.

Yesterday Edwin came in the same torn-up, blue flip flops that he wears everyday, his shirt was too small and ripped under one arm from his stomach to the armpit. He comes in, and helps us take off the sheets to the mattresses, then brings them outside and starts to hand wash them. We never ask him, he just takes the initiative and does it. When I tried to take a picture he ended up running away. You can tell he has been forced to grow up fast and take care of the family, and he does not like when someone acknowledges his servants heart. He is so open to learning and full of questions, it’s a open door to share the Gospel! (Edwin getting the waterto start washing the sheets by hand for us)

Lastly, we have completed our first week as a certified kindergarten! Here in Honduras, you must have a kindergarten diploma to enter first grade. Although we are teaching the same materials, we have never been certified and the kids would have to leave the program in the mornings to go to kindergarten. Now that we have it within the ministry, the kids will not have to leave the security for another year! It’s a huge blessing to the families, because we cover the cost, plus the Christian learning environment, English, breakfast and lunch, and they don’t have to pay the cost of public school uniforms.

(Javier on the first day of kindergarten)

Here are some pictures of the past few weeks. Check our Facebook page (Fundacion Casa de Luz) for more pictures from Easter.

(I had no idea they were all three making these faces until I uploaded the pictures... too funny!)