Sunday, May 15, 2011


I feel like a lot has happened in the last few weeks, since I wrote last. I’ve had a few rough weeks with the kids because we have been down a worker or two at the daycare. The good news is, we have a new lady working with us until Zulema recovers fully from her motorcycle accident. Deby worked with Casa de Luz many years ago, but had to leave because she had a baby. The baby is now 3 years old, and Deby was willing to come back and fill in, since we are in need of the help. She is a very happy and smiley lady, and also experienced in teaching kids this age. She teaches Sunday school at the church.

This week she did an activity with the kids, where the kids looked into a mirror at themselves, and she said something nice about them. The lesson was to explain that we were made in the image of God, just how he wanted us to look. The shocking response was when Racsel did not want to look at herself in the mirror. I wondered why. She is not usually a timid, shy girl, but looking the mirror she shied away. Most of the kids smiled and enjoyed the opportunity.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a missionary women’s retreat. It was meant to be a time of relaxing with other women who share similar lives, ministering to the people of Honduras. Although we are all spread out throughout the country, it’s nice to have a weekend to connect and relate to other women just like me. We had many times of worship and prayer groups. The name fit the experience well, Women of Purpose, Sisterhood Revive. I went to the same retreat in October and loved it then. A group from the States sponsors this time away from the stresses of life and pours into us, as missionary women. I loved it! Here are a few pictures of some art I made for my apartment in our free time.

After returning from the retreat Saturday night, I jumped right into ministry mode again, baking cakes for Mother’s Day at the church. After church, we celebrated the mothers with cake and soda. They also gave away two baskets of food to two mothers. (Dilon, the son of one of Aben's teachers)

Lastly, the newest addition to my apartment is a table and chairs. Thank you to Word on the Street Ministries for providing me with these essentials for my apartment. Now I can have people over and offer them a chair, instead of the floor J

It’s been really hot down here, and the reason it feels so hot, is because we do not have air condition. It may not be as hot as it gets in the States (I live in a cooler part of Honduras), but with no air condition, and lots of sun, it’s HOT! However, we have had a wonderful afternoon rainstorm, although the kids do not sleep well with the thunder, it gets a lot cooler, for that I am grateful.