Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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Cristal, 2 years old 

Kalil, 3 years old

Children's Day

The team painted designs at Casa de Luz

Aben and David painting with the team at Zulema's house

Painting at Bessy's house

I have been putting off writing a blog for a few weeks now because I have been lacking the energy. Today I have just enough energy and realized all the details keep adding up to make for a very long update.
My time in the States went well, I made new contacts and caught up with old ones. It was a great time of fellowship and sharing. Thank you to everyone who hosted me and allowed me to share the ministry with you or your church. I traveled all over and had the opportunity to see my immediate family and lot of my extended family as well. I never get to see everyone, but with each trip I see different people.
Two days after returning to Honduras I had a team from Canada come, stay in my apartment and share in the ministry at Casa de Luz and with Aben’s ministry at the Dump and the school. The girls were a blessing to so many people here and I think their lives were impacted, as well. While they were here, they got to spend time with the kids at Casa de Luz, painted Bessy and Zulema’s houses, did a feeding program at the trash dump, and played with the kids at Aben’s school. The girls had lots of energy and made instant friendships with the kids; they still ask about the girls.  It was a long week so the girls had an opportunity to serve in a variety of different ways!
While I was in the States we had a new girl join the program. Nazareth is 2 years old and very passive. She is not like most of our 2 year olds that loves to be picked up and nurtured when she cries, we are still trying to get to know her, but she is sweet and has a squeaky two year old voice that comes out every once in a while when she is comfortable enough to talk. 
This past week, we had 2 new siblings enter the ministry as well. Kalil is 3 years old and his younger sister Cristal is 2 years old. They are brand new so I don’t know their story yet, but they also have a younger sister that looks to be around 10 months old that their grandmother watches while the mother works. 
Monday was Child’s Day in Honduras. Similar to Mothers Day and Fathers Day, Honduras celebrates the children. It is like Christmas; no matter how little the family has, they save all their money to buy an outfit for Children’s Day or something special. Many of the kids came in the new clothes that the team brought for them and the birthday shoes many of you helped us give. I had not seen one little boy wear them yet, and when he wore them yesterday, he told me they were for church. That being said, the new gifts that are given are treasured for very special occasions like church, Children’s Day, and Christmas. We had the opportunity to go to a bank country club and play in a secure grassy playground area. It was so fun for the kids to be outdoors and run freely in the grass. However, as an adult putting the shoes on for the hundredths time got a little old… I say that jokingly because these kids live on dirt streets and rocks are all around, there is no grass to take your shoes off and run. Even if it did bother me to put shoes on multiple times, it was worth every sweaty foot!
Lastly, continue to pray for Vanessa and her family. There are a lot of details involved but Gabriel and Javier are now living in a children’s home and Racsel is still living with Vanessa. It will be hard not to see them every day and have them in the ministry, but I still have contact with Vanessa and we will be able to visit them at the home. Continue to pray for the boys and the family.

Vanessa at Christmas with Gabriel, Racsel, and Javier
Nazareth in her new clothes for childrens day (she usually wears the same 3 outfits)

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  1. Hi Jenny! Do you have an email address where I could reach you? I'd love to ask you some questions about Honduras. Thanks so much! - Frank